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Eyelash Extension Training with Luxe Me Academy, you are training with the best in the business. Our certified instructors have a combined 15+ years of industry experience and a loyal clientele. Through our program, you are setting yourself up for success in the world of Lash Extensions.

Elite Courses

Classic Course

Our Classic Course is perfect for beauticians who want to increase their skill level and gain more clients by adding a new service to their skills through professional instruction and hands-on learning.

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Volume course

Ready to make your clients look irresistible? Clients may want a customized plan to shape the lashes that suits their personality and style. Our Volume Eyelash Extension course will give beauty professionals like you additional skills to recommend and design the right lashes for your clients.


Henna Eyebrows

Henna Spa is a one-hour procedure that uses the pigment known as henna to color and darken a person’s eyebrows, making them vivid and expressive. By using this technique, a brow artist could create an interesting visual effect that will give the eyebrows a more articulate look